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Career Counselling Service & College Counselling Classes
We are a leading professional development organization with a global footprint. Since our inception, we have managed to produce an exceptional number of Ivy league, Oxbridge and top-tier college acceptances in the US, UK and Canada. We aim to nurture human capital through specialized programs which include career counselling services, experiential learning classes, and reflective writing sessions as well as communication enhancement lectures for long-term, sustainable success at the level of schools, colleges and beyond.

Tailored guidance for students from Grade 8 - 10 for progression towards the college path; includes skill development

Power track for high school students (including O, AS & A Level, IB, American High School, and gap year students)

A career counselling path for college graduates and mid-career professionals seeking growth and advancement by studying

For leaders and entrepreneurs with professional work experience, MBA career counselling track opens up best universities

A series of year-round planned activities aimed at enhancing experiential learning through a combination of adventure,

Provides a window into the experience and exposure of studying abroad for O Level students by placing them in summer schools

An all-inclusive guidance track designed to stimulate raw potential and channel the capabilities of our clients.

Standard tests and academic transcripts are not the sum testimony to your potential. Even if you do not have a straight A's

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Kestrel Education is an independent entity and not associated with any other institution or group. All mentions of school names in reference to students are simply for the purpose of individual identification.

The Kestrel Difference

Kestrel Education is committed to providing excellence through our uniquely tailored services. Our thorough guidance process includes internship and research placement, Nest Educational Series (NES) and a dedicated global scouts program that connects bright young minds studying in the world’s top institutions.


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"Unlike all the other student counseling services, Kestrel is able to take individual elements of the application process and provide you a visual map of how to put them together to make your application a comprehensive reflection of yourself for the admissions committee. I would like to reiterate that grades and SAT scores are really important and all these tangible are essential to make sure that your application stands out but ultimately these universities want to see you as a person and I feel that a strategic game plan is important in this which becomes so much easier when you are working with the best education consultants. I feel this is where Kestrel steps in, they help you with the intangibles by bringing all the right elements together and also help you remain organized and goal-oriented throughout the most crucial part of your high school career. The three characteristics that I would use to describe Kestrel are that they are very personalized, they are full of energy and lastly they take care of you throughout the admissions process - setting them apart from all the other counseling agencies!"

Usman Omer (Aitchison College, Lahore)

Harvard University - Class of 2022
colleges & univercity counselling

"My experience with Kestrel for college counseling has been nothing short of phenomenal. The college application process is very difficult and open ended that is why you definitely need help from the best study abroad consultants and I can't think of any career counseling firm that is better than Kestrel.. In the senior year it's really hard to find the right direction and picture of where you want to go. Kestrel really helped me narrow my search and actually understand how not only to write down the essays but also fill in the activities and all the intricacies involved in the admissions process. Sir Ali Sana was really helpful and supportive throughout the entire process."

Mahnoor Imran (BMI, Islamabad)

Amherst College - Class of 2022
colleges & univercity counselling in Pakistan

"Grades are obviously important to the application but another thing that is equally important is the activities and how you package them from 9th grade to 12th grade. Kestrel education actually helped me in packaging all my activities and making them into a single theme through their experiential learning classes. This underlying theme is the main thing that admission officers look for in an application. The best thing that Kestrel Education provided me was one to one counseling which is unparalleled in other study abroad consultants. I am extremely grateful for all the guidance provided by Sir Ali Sana at all the stages of my application. Thank you Kestrel Education for all your help and support!"

Haider Asif (Cadet College Hasan Abdal)

Brown University - Class of 2022
colleges & univercity counselling in pakistan

"Before I joined Kestrel, I was extremely disheartened and disillusioned. Despite my grades and SAT scores, I had been rejected from all the colleges I had applied to in senior year. So when I went to Sir Ali, I was not only given the confidence to start again but I was also provided with a road map of the things that were needed to be done, which made the process of finding the right college much more efficient and linear. One of the aspects of my experience with Kestrel that I'd like to emphasize was the individualized attention that I received. I could call sir Ali Sana at any given time and there were absolutely no intermediates. This was one of the main reasons that I was able to streamline an application that was worthy of recognition from an Ivy league college"

Ahmed Naveed (SuperNova, Islamabad)

Dartmouth College - Class of 2022

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