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Kestrel Education has played a unique role in the development of the youth in major metropolitan cities and rural regions, with a wide variety of initiatives ranging from community efforts and volunteerism in metropolitan cities, to skills development through workshops and seminars in practical settings, cultivating academic opportunities and creating a social conscious in future leaders of our nation’s political, poverty alleviation, community development, entrepreneurial and economic processes. Our clients have been actively involved in using creative, social and intellectual forums to cultivate awareness within themselves and others on how they can impact change both within our borders and across the globe.


We believe that in order to truly progress as nation, and indeed as citizens of the world, we must recognize the inherent value of our natural resources and how they must be conserved for a sustainable tomorrow for all of mankind. Our clients have thus been encouraged to participate in and, when no pre-existent opportunities exist, initiate efforts in tree plantations, endangered species study and protection, use of sustainable development efforts in urbanization, green-city efforts, water purification, conservation campaigns and alternate energy development.


Identity is often an aspect of personal and human capital development that can play a central role in determination of our future path. Whether its learning about heritage, exploring genealogical roots, figuring out how different communities came to be, the conservation of spiritually and culturally relevant sites and artifacts, promotion of harmony between faiths that co-exist in this world or simply the tracing of ones roots to source inner strength – Kestrel Education has created the pathways for our clients to form a deeper connection with their personal, familial, geographical, spiritual, communal, national and global identity.