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We believe that true progress can only be achieved when future generations are able to succeed without limitations defined in monetary value. As such, we continue to help develop our youth beyond curricular offerings through experiential, communal and professional opportunities so that the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow regardless of which arena of human capital they enter. Kestrel Education has the highest success rate based on percentage of acceptances in major schools, including major liberal arts institutes and Ivy League universities. Our team of mentors, scouts and counselors work tirelessly to create the perfect youth portfolios for our clients. In just four years of operation, we have to our credit over acceptances in universities in the UK, US and Canada with scholarships and financial aid granted to students in need.


    • Kestrel’s legacy of excellence was demonstrated in 2019 with acceptances in all eight IVY League Universities within the same year. The dedicated mentorship provided at Kestrel polishes its students and transforms them into covetable assets for their dream universities so that those students that have proven their mettle in secondary school education are not limited by borders from achieving the greatest levels of achievement, regardless of their economic background.
  • Our results speak for themselves, where in 2018 out of seven students with SAT scores above 1500 who applied to Ivies, six received acceptances while in 2019 out of nine students, five received acceptances while others got deferred. Kestrel’s achievements can be gauged from university statistics themselves, wherein their extremely small acceptance rates create a highly competitive environment and we ensure our students stand out in a pool of thousands of promising candidates applying from all over the world.

Liberal Arts Legacy

Kestrel understands the significance of a liberal arts education and is driven to provide its students with the right pathway for their own inter-disciplinary learning. USA has one of the best liberal arts programs offered in various prestigious institutes. Every year Kestrel delivers on its promise to help its students carve their academic pathways in liberal arts learning wherein our students have received offers from two of the best liberal arts colleges, Williams and Amherst College.


Kestrel extends its excellence to the top universities of UK, such as the highly prestigious Oxford and Cambridge universities. Each year Kestrel proactively works with its students, from the very beginning, to polish them for the highly competitive admission process of these universities, which have acceptance rates of 17.5% for Oxford and 21% for Cambridge. Our guidance makes a tangible difference, as evident from the acceptances received by our students from both universities in the year 2019, 2020 as well as 2021.

Kestrel Analytics

Kestrel strongly believes in quality over quantity and each year take in a limited number from the large pool of students who apply for our counselling services. In year 2017, Kestrel only took 45 students while in 2018 only 65 students were accepted. We only accept the best students and ensure they receive the highest quality of counselling, personally provided by the head counsellor. This explains why Kestrel has been able to maintain a record of the highest conversion rate consistently in the four years since its inception.