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Summer School Track

Provides a window to study abroad

The summer of O-Levels final year is the ideal time to enrich learning and gain exposure while making friends and connections across the globe through international summer school programs. Summer School Track is everything that you need to make it happen. Over the years, our students have attended prestigious summer schools at universities like Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, Duke and many more. Just like the undergraduate admissions, students can apply for financial aid for summer schools as well. Our aim at Kestrel, through Summer School Track, is to provide enriching and hassle-free roadmap to navigate the summer school application process.

Attending a summer school abroad, on the campuses of some of the most sought-after and prestigious universities in the world, among peers from various parts of the world translates into an experience that surpasses what is familiar through exposure to different ideas, cultures and knowledge pools. Not only does these summer schools provide a unique learning experience but it also gives the students a preview of studying at international universities hence preparing them to make more informed college decisions for their future.