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Once done with the undergraduate studies, the next frontier in cementing a successful future career is the choice of graduate school. For a successful culmination of career goals it is imperative to find the right fit for graduate school to maximize on potentials and to turn professional goals into successful realities. Through Kestrel’s customized counselling for graduate track, it is easier than ever to streamline the entire process and navigate the process from application to acceptance. For the exceptionally brilliant students, finding financial aid to close the gap between dreams and affordability is something that we make possible through tailored guidance for internationally renowned scholarships which include the Fulbright scholarship for the USA, Chevening scholarship for the UK, European Union’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship, and other university specific grants.

Through a combination of at-location individual sessions and continuous online support through e-mails and Skype sessions, personalized and comprehensive college application help is the hallmark of Kestrel’s Graduate Track.