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Nest Educational Series

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Kestrel offers students opportunities to explore the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Pakistan.  The Nest Series uses various activities packaged to simulate the senses beyond the traditional academic opportunities

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Educational

We offer the opportunity to nurture your mind with activities across multiple cities using subject ranging from artistic like Truck Art workshops to historical, like Buddhist Cave renovations and explorations.

Our Nest series of educational activities are scheduled throughout the year!

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Nest Educational Series – 2018

NES Volume 1 – Discovering the Hidden Jewels of Old Lahore

Zellige mosaic, an integral part of Muslim architecture, has history dating back to the 14th century in Spain and has traveled continents and dynasties to areas like Old Lahore. Kestrel Education’s Nest Educations Series conducted a tour of the hidden jewels of Lahore where Zellige and its relevance were explored as the intersection of Art, Architect, History and Religion. The geometric patterns are created with exact radius gauge by master craftsmen that have inherited this art generation by generation. Each piece is meticulously cut, shaped from squares and triangles to pentagons and hexagons and colored to fit into specified patterns. Months of hard work can be the origin story of a few feet of patterned display on floors, walls, ceilings evident in homes, palaces, mosques and cafes.

NES Volume 2 – Videography Workshop conducted at Old Lahore

To tell a story, there is no better medium than the visual representation of your words. Kestrel Education understands that for students ready to embark on their own journeys towards futures and destinations unknown, it’s important to gain a sense of self and of their history. With that in mind, Kestrel Education’s Nest Educational Series organized a videography workshop for its students in the historical landmarks of Old Lahore. Students learned techniques that are used by professional filmmakers to craft their videos. The workshop included essentials of visual story telling with composition, motion and lighting. Using this medium, we were able to provide students the tools to tell their own stories, as they walk into their future.

NES Volume 3 – Paragliding Excursion on the outskirts of Lahore

Fear is the root of inhibitions that prevent our youth from reaching for greater heights, be that in educations, careers, athletics or personal achievements. Kestrel Education’s Nest Education Series hosted a day of paragliding in the outskirts of Lahore to teach students how to break through such limitations. In the outskirts of Lahore, our students learned to soar higher than they could fathom. The NES Paragliding Activity helped students face their fears, defying gravity under supervision of experts, realizing that it takes only a leap to make the impossible, possible. Students learned the basic skills required to take-off and land followed by a tandem flight, where they took the controls and learned the basics of controlling the glider in the air whilst in the safety of flying with a qualified tandem pilot. The thrill of taking to the skies with 360-degree views of plains and the distant city made for a memorable day indeed!