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Junior Track

Tailored guidance for students from Grade 8 - 10

The foundation for a compelling college application starts to take shape as early as the beginning of high school in grade 8. Our Junior Track is specifically designed to work with high school students from grade 8 through 11 to foster critical thinking, analysis, and interpersonal skills. Executed through year-round interactive sessions and activities, this program sets the compass needle of personal development in-line with the future college goals.

Why is Junior Track Important?

The foundation for a compelling college application starts to take
shape as early as the beginning of high school in grade 8.

Provide guidance at crucial turn points in the early academic career

Set the direction for future career paths

Develop a sense of purpose for intellectual pursuits

Inculcate essential skills and strengthen interpersonal and leadership abilities

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Become a part of the alumni network for direct mentorship and guidance from our scouts

Our Targets:

  • Work with students to identify interests and potential and develop tailored programs to garner a focused enrichment in the areas of interest.
  • Inculcate an analytical approach in our students and help them develop a wider world view while training them to separate facts from fiction through vetting the sources.
  • Coach students to develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills which will not only enable them to authenticate information gained by different sources but also articulate it in a concise and persuasive research paper.
  • Provide guidance for subject selection for maximum optimization of future goals and current interests.
  • Map the intellectual progression for the high school years for their college and career pursuits.
  • Develop customized milestones and apply progression monitoring matrix to ensure timely achievement of the set targets.
  • Foster leadership and ability to take initiative through various entrepreneur activities, start-ups and advocacy campaigns.

Structure of Junior Track

Junior Track is an 8 months program which can be further extended into the next stage of our guidance road-map. It comprises of group activities, capacity building exercises, and one-on-one meetings with both counsellors and Kestrel’s scouts who are already attending universities. Our Junior Track students are also eligible to take part in the experiential learning programs planned throughout the year for an additional emphasis on diversifying their portfolio and providing exposure to learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom learning.