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Kestrel Education is a team of dedicated career counselors on a mission to promote borderless educational opportunities for students looking to study abroad.

Four years ago, we started with a small office and even smaller team. With just a handful of bright, young students who were full of potential but were unsure about their direction, we worked constantly to develop skillsets and create applications that would stand out. We used the lessons we had discovered through our own experiences, worked day and night with our students to see what they really wanted our of this experience and focused on learning about the latest academic and professional requirements. Our goal was to ensure that the students who had placed their faith in us achieved what they deserved and that we provided something that truly made them stand out. Our combined efforts resulted in multiple Ivy League acceptances and scholarships. Since then, Kestrel Education has expanded to three cities and helped guide over a thousand students. With over 150 acceptances in universities in the UK, US and Canada, and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships and financial aid, Kestrel has the highest success rate based on percentage of acceptances in major programs, including Ivy League universities and premier liberal arts institutes. Our ever-growing but tightly knit network of mentors, scouts and counselors share the same goal: guiding students to find direction, passion and opportunities through academic mentorship, career counseling, social engagement and hands-on techniques.

The Kestrel Difference

Kestrel is the leading admissions consultancy in Pakistan and has helped students gain admissions in the top universities in the US, UK and Canada

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