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A tale that began in 2017 now boasts multiple pitstops of excellence, operations in three countries and a relentless commitment to provide educational opportunities that transcend borders for students looking to make the improbable probable
The journey started with career counselling four years ago in a small office. With just a handful of talented students brimming with potential but unsure about their academic direction, we worked tirelessly to develop skillsets and create unique and compelling profiles and college applications. Fuelled by insights and personal experiences gained over a span of many years, we empowered our students to create compelling narratives after becoming acquainted with the latest academic and professional requirements. We had one goal in mind: helping our clients get from where they were to where they wanted to be. In our inaugural year, our sincere effort bore fruit with acceptances and scholarships from multiple Ivy League colleges. Since then, Kestrel Education has truly gone global with operations in Pakistan, Turkey and the UAE, as well as over a thousand students as part of our ever-growing family.
With over acceptances in universities in the UK, US and Canada, and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships and financial aid, Kestrel has the highest success rate based on percentage of acceptances in major programs, including Ivy League universities and premier liberal arts institutes. Our diverse but tightly knit network of mentors, scouts and counsellors share the same goal: guiding students to find direction, passion and opportunities through academic mentorship, career counselling, developing proficiency and aptitude in standardized testing, social leadership, community engagement and a vision to make tomorrow better than today.

The Kestrel Difference

Kestrel is the leading admissions consultancy in Pakistan and has helped students gain admissions in the top universities in the US, UK and Canada

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