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Undergraduate Track

Power track for high school students

The end of high school is a pivotal point in a student’s life with a world of opportunities waiting right around the corner but without proper guidance and a roadmap, navigating these opportunities and making the best of it becomes an overwhelmingly daunting task. The undergraduate track at Kestrel is specifically designed to help students and their parents understand the process and requirements to make informed future career and university choices.

This is an intensive up to 2 years program for O/A Level, IB, and American high school system seniors to identify goals and align their progress with those goals. The undergraduate application process, especially for the US, is multifaceted and quite complex. The students work directly with their mentors under the supervision and direction of the head counselor – from in-person meetings to real-time online guidance and interaction, we engage all the mediums to ensure a seamless experience. At Kestrel we provide comprehensive and tailored guidance and help for the entire application process, ensuring that the different parts of the application come together as an amalgamation of a compelling representation of the student’s personality, achievements, strengths, and aspirations.