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NES Volume 3

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NES Volume 3 – Paragliding Excursion on the outskirts of Lahore

Fear is the root of inhibitions that prevent our youth from reaching for greater heights, be that in educations, careers, athletics or personal achievements. Kestrel Education’s Nest Education Series hosted a day of paragliding in the outskirts of Lahore to teach students how to break through such limitations. In the outskirts of Lahore, our students learned to soar higher than they could fathom. The NES Paragliding Activity helped students face their fears, defying gravity under supervision of experts, realizing that it takes only a leap to make the impossible, possible. Students learned the basic skills required to take-off and land followed by a tandem flight, where they took the controls and learned the basics of controlling the glider in the air whilst in the safety of flying with a qualified tandem pilot. The thrill of taking to the skies with 360-degree views of plains and the distant city made for a memorable day indeed!