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What We Do

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Why Us

We understand and we are here for you!

Extra-curricular Profile Development

Helping you pinpoint and excel at the required activities

Why Choose Kestrel:

  • One on one coaching from experienced and qualified career counselors
  • Direct guidance and admissions support from Head Counselor
  • Connect with a network of global scouts studying at top-tier universities in the US, UK and Canada
  • Guidance to find sufficient scholarships, grants and financial aid

IVY League Admissions

Gain admission into your dream university

  • Mentors with in-depth knowledge and expertise of building honest, in-depth narratives
  • Curated multi-faceted profiles and portfolios that stand out in the most competitive environments
  • Personalized support throughout the admission and acceptance process

MBA/Postgrad Admissions

Get accepted to your dream MBA/Post-grad program

  • Opportunities to expand social and personal viewpoints through fieldwork
  • Building communication skills to approach new challenges confidently
  • Focus on self-improvement and self-awareness with Reflective Educational Methods

Why Kestrel Postgrad Admissions Consulting? 

  • Tailored experience for each individual to maximize strength and balance out areas of growth
  • Relevant, up-to-date profiles that are targeted towards the admission requirements of the best institutions
  • Building a portfolio that showcases the best of your academic and professional record

How a Personalized Team Can Help You 

  • We know how busy these last few years of school can be – not only are you trying to stay on top of your studies, but you also have to manage family responsibilities, hobbies, extracurricular activities, competitions and friends. This is the most stressful time of the year for you – and the question of finding the right college and major adds pressure that one person often can’t handle alone. Most of the time, you might not be able to find someone around you who knows the process and can help guide you.
  • That’s where our team comes in. We’re here to offer insight and support as you navigate this time period. We provide a customized strategy after reviewing your past experiences, record and values. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for academic and professional opportunities; each individual has unique experiences, values and skills that need to presented with the aim of maximum attention and appeal. So before we get to work, we get to know you. We empower you to understand your version of academic and professional success. Your mentors and counselors ensure that you find the right fit for your talents, capacity and interests in the increasingly complex world of higher education.

What We Do

To help you, we offer!
  • One-on-one sessions to help navigate your career options. Assign global mentors to provide individualized and focused guidance for maximum success.
  • Offer Scouts Network of Global Kestrel Alumni that can offer real-time, on-ground perspectives to prospective students regarding their desired location and university.
  • Understand what universities in the UK, US, Canada and beyond are looking for in prospective students.
  • Help understand the different types of universities, such as Liberal Arts vs. Ivy League vs. State have to offer and which is best for you.
  • Help you understand the financial aid system and how you can benefit from what is offered to international or residential admission candidates.
  • Understand the documentation requirements and how to navigate oceans of paperwork flawlessly.
  • Create individualized schedules for you to stay on track in regards to admissions processes.
  • Help you isolate which universities out of the thousands of options available would be most suited to your skills, your aptitude, your goals and your financial affordability.
  • Assess your compatibility with your desired program.
  • Help you develop your portfolio in terms of activities, extracurricular, social engagement to make you desirable to your chosen institutes.
  • Nurture your mind through activities geared towards cultural, artistic, adventurous and historical perspectives.